Monday, February 28, 2011

Almost there!

Yesterday marked the 6th month of Butler being gone! A whole HALF of a year! I thought by now I would be bald from pulling my hair out. I was so afraid (or maybe just pregnant & hormonal) that I wasn't going to be able to handle a 1 yr old & a newborn, but I must say I've done a pretty good job. In the last six months I have moved  twice (once in the new apartment & back from GA), had a baby without my spouse, and taken care of everything that Butler used to take care of when he was home. These 6 months flew so the next few will be a piece of cake!

Bye Bye February, Hello March!

March is one of my favorite months. It starts the beginning of Spring, my favorite season. Got a lot to get done before deployment is over!

My March Bucket List

1. get Monkey potty trained. Or at least start.

2. Apply for Paul Mitchell so I can start in April 

3. Get everything for the apartment straightened out so we'll be ready move when Butler gets home

4. Be persistent about Your Baby can read (I've been slacking since we've been back)

5. Start a workout regime.

6. Start working again!!

7. And get prepared for Butler's homecoming!!!

We will so how much of this I've accomplished once March 31st rolls around!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

getting back in the swing of things.

So, how has this week been for me?

I've been trying to reintegrate myself back into Virginia life and it has not been to great for me! 

First, it's taking me a full week to get everything unpacked and in the right place. I have a horrible case of OCD ( I get it honestly from my mother.) I hate clutter and mess.
I live by the "everything has a place" motto.
The boys' room is the WORST room in the house.
I have gotten everything else in the house done but our and the boys' room.

Second, at the same time I'm trying to fix this apartment, I'm looking for another one. I hate that when it's time to find a place to live, DB is always conveniently underway or even better DEPLOYED!
I'm always communicating about our new place through email.
But, I think I found one.
I hope this is THE ONE, I'm tired of moving.
(this is the FOURTH apartment in 2 yrs, yea I know RIDICULOUS)

Third, school, work, and childcare!
Trying to get my job back has been the hardest thing yet, I need my Old Navy discount back!
The next hardest job is finding a childcare provider that is good enough for my babies. I'm torn between daycare centers a and home day cares.
Chubby would do great with home child care because he's an infant, but Monkey would do better with daycare centers to interact with other kids.
I'm just confused and hopefully I find one and SOON!
School really isn't that hard, but finding the time (and sitter) to go out to Va Beach is the issue!!

I'm definitely back in reality :-)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Man, how time flies!

My babies are getting so old so fast :-(
It feels like just yesterday Monkey was turning one and Chubby was just born.
They are exactly 18 months apart!
Monkey will be TWO 2 months from today and Chubby is 5 months already.
I can't believe how fast time flies! I miss the old times
Well let's see some pictures and dwell on the past.

Here is Monkey on his first day home from the hospital.
He was so sweet & precious.

Here he is at his 1st birthday party

Monkey today getting in the way of me unpacking.

Here's Chubby at 2 weeks
All he did was sleep, he was so peaceful.

Here he is today.

Next thing I know, I'm gonna be watching them graduate high school,
go to college and graduate and then get married,
and have kids of their own.
I'm trying so hard not to think about those things... I wish they could be babies FOREVER! 

Monday, February 21, 2011


My past weekend/week has been really HECTIC. I finally got all of my things packed and ready to go back to VA and we left on Friday night. It took a whole car and truck to get me back home. I don't know how one large suitcase and 2 bags turned into a whole truck bed full of stuff, but it did and thanks to my step dad and godfather, we & it made it back safely!

When I finally got home, I walked up to find my door partially already unlocked (my deadbolt wasn't locked and I know I definitely locked it) When I walked in the house I seen my EMPTY television stand where the 50 in. flat screen used to sit and my closet rummaged through and PlayStation missing. Yes, we were robbed! Unfortunately, my backdoor doesn't have a deadbolt and the seal on the door is broken. So, whoever broke in came through the back and went out the front. I really feel bad because neither the TV or the PlayStation was ours. Luckily, the guy whose it is was fine and won't let DB pay him his money back. Needless to say, when DB does get home we'll be moving to VA Beach!

On a good note, DB's boat threw a party for the sailors in his department who had babies while they were gone. It really wasn't much but it's great they FINALLY acknowledged it! (that's him on the left :-)) Congrats guys!

My house is cluttered and I still haven't gotten around to fixing it. So my thoughts are just as cluttered. I guess I can say welcome back to reality, Meaghan!

Friday, February 11, 2011

This week in a nutshell CHAOTIC. I feel like I haven't had ANY time to do anything, but I find myself in the same spot doing NOTHING wondering where the time went. I'm supposed to be heading back to VA (yea, I fled when deployment came) next Saturday. While down in Georgia for the last 4 months i managed to double everything I brought down here. Obviously, a little retail therapy is the way i cope with deployment, not remembering that all this stuff will have to get back home some way. So the majority of this week was supposed to be spent packing. Well that plan has failed me! I've done everything but packed. All I've done is take all of our clothes out of the drawers and left them on the bed... Never in the suitcases they go in.

Talked to DB yesterday and he told me the date that's being thrown around for homecoming and I'm not too pleased. Let's just say it's a little later than expected but it's not that bad since we've already made it this far. What's a few more months going to do? Just makes room for an even better homecoming.

I hope it's too long until I write again and hope i've packed my life up when I do write again!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm not alone. REALLY.

I've been surfing around today reading other military wives blogs about deployment and I finally feel, I'm really not alone. For the past 5 months, I felt like I was the ONLY person going through the pain, sadness, loneliness and everything else that comes with deployment. I felt that nobody else (even the other thousands of spouses that have deployed loved ones) knew how I felt. I know there are other people, but there was NOBODY like me. Before I started to blog, I felt like I was the only spouse whose husband has never met his son or is missing the vital months of their babies growing up. I was the only one whose husband missed their b-day, wedding anniversary and birth of his child. But, after a long time searching for somebody like me I've found them. I'm thankful to have found a group of women who aren't afraid to express their true feelings about military life and  deployments, they have given a positive outlook and this very long awaited homecoming and given me strength to get through.

MilSpouse Weekly Round-Up #22

I've been on the computer all day looking at some blogs from other military wives to get some ideas and my creative juices rolling. I ran into A LOT of blogs I can relate to. I cam across the "Milspouse weekly Round-up" and I felt like it was something I WOULD love to join. As I looked into all 36 blogs that were on there I got a little scared. For some reason, I felt like this was high school and these were the "mean girls" and I'm a newbie and they aren't going to accept me. I know it's only a computer, but I feel like my blog does not compare to theirs... But hey, it's time to take chance and I'm gonna go for it!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Military Wife answers dumb questions (LANGUAGE R)

this cracked me up but this is so TRUE. If you ever wanna know how being a wife of a deployed sailor, airman or soilder, watch this before you ask questions!

Picture Day!

Today I decided would be the day I FINALLY gotten the boys pictures taken. Now, I'm not the parent who goes to the photo studio every month, every holiday or even every birthday to go get their pictures taken. Darryl is almost 2 and not including today, he's only taken one professional picture. But since my in laws and everybody else has nagged about, I gave into temptation! I went to the studio already expecting Kaleb (my 4 month old) to act a little crazy. Darryl on the other hand is very photogenic and LOVES the camera. So I was prepared to deal with Kaleb. When I finally get everybody dressed in the car and on our way, they begin to scream and cry. 5 mins later I finally get a quiet car and look in the backseat both are sleep. Not realizing I booked a 12:00 appointment and Darryl didn't take his 11:00 nap. As I take him out the car, I think to myself this can either go really good or really bad. I take them inside everything was fine, everybody smiling and happy. We take Kaleb's pics first and he handles it like a pro. Now, it's Darryl's turn... He sits for 2 seconds then hops up and plays with EVERYTHING in the studio. It took at least 6 or 7 shots to get him a  good one. He finally starts to cooperate then it became time for a picture of them both. Darryl runs away in a fit. It took all of 3 hrs to get out of the studio and all I wanted was a pic of each of them and them together. I wind up with a horrible family shot and a headache. And we have to do it all over again for v-day! But here is the outcome:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Working Homecoming Date"

Those 3 words were the highlight of my Monday. We FINALLY have a working homecoming date to when they come back home! To me this means that there is an end coming soon! Be it March or April my husband in gonna be back SOON! Of course I have no idea when this date is because of  OPSEC I won't know until who knows when, BUT i have a very good feeling it's going to be March. Crossing fingers, thinking positive and speaking it into existence. It's been 5 months since I've seen Mr. B. I cannot WAIT to see him :-)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wait it's February already?!

I haven't been keeping up with my posting. I've been busy with preparing to move on back to VA and wait for Mr. B to get home. I can't believe it's already the SECOND month of 2011, this year is already moving to fast! But hey, I am not complaining, getting closer and closer to hubby's homecoming!
This month Chubby turned 4 months and is starting to use his hands and scoot (moving WAY to fast) Monkey is slowly easing his way into the "terrible two's." He is into EVERYTHING he can get his hands on. I've been trying to get back home to my quaint little apartment that I've abandoned. I've had some reality checks this month about school and life pretty much. But like I always whatever doesn't kill me will make me stronger and god wouldn't put me through stuff I can't handle. Mr. B should be coming home in March *crossing fingers* I'm speaking this into existence. It really sucks he won't be here on our anniversary or Valentine's day, but hey when money calls! Hopefully I'll get to see him next month!