Sunday, March 20, 2011

I have so much more respect for the wives whose husbands are on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.
These men have sacrificed a lot. I never realized how scary it was to be a military wife and will never experience how scary it is to be an Army or Marine wife. Not that Butler hasn't sacrificed a lot in the Navy, but as I think about it, they don't put themselves into that much great danger as the Army and Marines do. 
I don't get how my mom dealt with my dad being gone for a year straight in Korea or Egypt. How she didn't dwell on the fact that he wasn't here and how she went on day by day not knowing if they would come to let her know her husband died. She did a great job of disguising that my dad was gone and I thank her for being both my mother and father at times. 
I feel scared and nervous with Butler being secure on a boat in the middle of the ocean away from danger so I can just imagine how she or anybody else whose significant other is on the front lines feels. This Libya Operation Odyssey Dawn has me shaken. I've cried for the past two nights. I know, really dumb. My head realizes it, but my heart isn't getting the picture. My heart tells me to cry my eyes out until he's home but my head is saying he's okay what the hell are you crying for!
I don't think I'll be completely sane until he is sitting here next to me and I can see that he's okay in person.  
My anxiousness is starting to get the best of my emotions. I can't wait to see him home! 

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  1. Meaghan- I hear you with the crying!! I have never cried so hard in my life as I did on Saturday night!! I's a bit different for Navy wives because there isn't a clear " front line" that our sailors are sent to....but on the other hand, operations like this weekend, make our husbands "floating targets" and put them in an equal amount of danger. lets face times like these, it's just tough being the wife of any man in any branch of the military!!

    Hang in there girl...I'll try to hold it together as well! :) And thanks for the sweet comment on my post :)